Thursday, 21 February 2013

Celtic Challenge 22 + A New Pattern

Celtic Challenge 22

Hope you have all been well and the weather has not been too hard on you. I have been watching the floods in Queensland, the bush fires in southern and western Australia and the blizzards in America and some people are having a pretty tough time. The pot holes from the snow in the Ukraine are pretty scary too Colleen.
I just pray that you are all safe.

I have been experimenting with new and easier ways to draw simple Celtic Designs and have come up with some interesting ideas. 

My patterns I have used to decorate this design are:

Domes             - 4 Variations
Half Flower      - variation
Full Flower      - variation 
Spiral Foliage  - a new pattern

Celtic Challenge 22 A.

1. Copy the outline below and decorate. 

2. If you want to, try using the same doodle pattern a number of times, trying to come up with a few different decorative variation for that same doodle pattern.

eg. My finished Celtic Heart Flower uses my design 'Domes' with four different variations to decorate the outline as you can see in the finished design above.
Celtic Heart Flower

Celtic Challenge 22 B.

1. Using the distructions below, draw the design above or come up with your own variation and decorate.

2. As I stated above, try using the same doodle pattern, to decorate, by using different variations of the same pattern. 

eg. My finished Celtic Heart Flower uses my design 'Domes' with four different variations to decorate the outline.

Celtic Challenge 22 Celtic Heart Flower Distructions

1. Draw the whole design in pencil first.

2. Draw a square but extend each side of the square a little at each corner.

3. Draw your heart shape coming from one line of the corner and ending on the other line of the same corner. Repeat this step on each corner of the square.

4. You do not have to draw a heart shape like I did. You can draw any shape you wish.

5. Draw a continuous parallel line beside the line in this diagram.

6. Now in ink mark out where you want the intersections to cross. Remember to alternate under and over.

7. Draw the remainder of the design in ink and rub out any pencil lines that you can see. The finished outline is above in section 22 A.

8. Decorate your design.

Spiral Foliage Distructions



  1. judy - this is beautiful - as always! i am saving all the designs in a file on my desktop. one day i will have time to do them and i will share them with you :) thanks for being so faithful every week to post something awesome and new for us!

  2. Thanks for this nice outline. I had fun doing it - inventing a border no one else has thought of before - I'm almost positive. I'll post instructions for it, but it's 2:30 a.m. here in Germany, so I'm going to get some sleep first!

  3. Judy, I hope you don't mind that I have posted my draft for this challenge. I thought it could be in educational purpose.
    Thank you again for your creative new patterns. I love to do them! <3

    1. No a problem Ninna. It might be helpful to someone and that would be great.

  4. I find your templates so awesome. Sometimes with school and all, I don't get them posted but I always make copies for my free time. Because of your inspiration, I put your name on my blog to receive the Liebster award. You can read about it there.