Sunday, 15 July 2012

How to Draw a Full Flower.

1. Draw the centre.
2. Draw one petal.
3. Draw the petal on the opposite side of the centre.
4. Draw a petal in between the left and right petals, at the top and the bottom.
5. If there are any gaps left then draw more petals in the centre of each gap. 
6. Continue until you have enough petals or all the gaps are full.

How to achiever a Variety of Flower Designs.

I have drawn examples above the basic distructions, of many different flowers, to give you an idea of the variety you can draw from these simple distructions. 

You achieve this variety by:-

1. Changing the size or shape of the center, the petals or both.
2. How you colour or shade the flowers
3. The number of petals you allot to each flower
4. The doodles you use to decorate each flower.
5. Adding stamens to the flower centre.


  1. This is fantastic how you show the basics for an indidual of any age to have somewhere to start.

  2. Thanks Judy, I had fun with this.