How to Design Celtic Knot Patterns

 How to design Celtic Knot Patterns

As I discover new easy ways to design Celtic Knots I will add them to this page.

The Freestyle Method
The simplest method I found for drawing Celtic Knots is used by Patrick Gallagher a Celtic Artist. 

His video "How to draw a Freestyle Celtic Knot" by PGCELTART is right up the alley of Creative Doodlers and Zentanglers alike.
I have added the link to this youtube video below. I would also suggest you look at some of his other videos on Celtic Knots.

 I have put the step by step distructions below of this method that I use to draw some of my Celtic Knot Challenges and other designs. I hope you find it helpful.

 Draw lines that link back to the beginning so that your knot will be continuous. I draw everything in pencil first.

Now your basic pattern is complete. These Lines will be rubbed out toward the end as they are only guides.  


Draw lines that follow the contour of your outline. You must draw on both sides of your guideline.


As you can see I have rubbed out the central guidelines. 

Now wherever the lines overlap you alternate between going under and over to give you your Celtic Knot Weave.


Your Celtic Knot Design is now ready for ink, colour and doodle patterns.
One Continuous Line Method - HERE

Celtic Stack Method - HERE

The Cross Method - HERE

The Intersection Method - HERE



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