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From School Teaching to Art and Craft Representative I have learned that I love to teach Art & Craft and see the joy that discovering their creativity brings to people's faces. I live in Queensland Australia & love the laid back lifestyle and the crazy Aussie sense of humour.

I share my art and craft adventures, products and knowledge on my blogs creativedoodlingwithjudy.blogspot.com & celticknotswithjudy.blogspot.com

My favourite trend? Teaching those who think they have no artistic or creative ability to discover they have.

Celtic Challenge Guidelines

Here are the guidelines to participate in my Celtic Challenges:

  • These challenges are not a competition, they are an opportunity to meet a challenge with your Creative Doodling. 
  • Posting your challenge is an opportunity for you to show your artwork, and for others to see it and comment on it if they wish.
  • I ask everyone to be supportive with comments and thus people will be comfortable posting their designs in a nurturing and encouraging enviroment.
  • To complete your Celtic Challenge:
    1. Copy and paste the template posted or draw the challenge if required.
    2. Decorate with Doodles and colour if required. If you do not have a lot of doodle patterns you can check out the patterns I have posted on this site or go to the Tanglepatterns Button on the home page and link to that site, which has plenty of patterns to choose from.
    3. When you have finished your challenge scan or take a picture of it.
    4. Upload your photo to your blog, or your Flickr or Picasa account.  
    5. Go to my original post where you found the template and enter the web address of your post into the Linkey Machine at the bottom of the post.  If you are linking from your Blog PLEASE make sure that you enter the specific post address of that post only, not the address for the home page of your blog. 
    6. Now just check out what others have done and leave them positive comments.
    7. Check your Blog, Flickr or Picasa account in a couple of days to see the positive comments you receive.

  • These templates are for personal use only.  They remain the property of Judy West  and cannot be reproduced for sale or use without receiving my consent. My email address is on this site if you are seeking this sort of permission.
  • If you are a teacher that would like to use some of these templates to teach, you can also email me for permission.
  • If you have trouble with the Linkey machine or posting to a blog, Flickr or Picasa account just email me with the questions and I will try my best to help if I can.
  • Even if we are on to the next Challenge on my blog feel free to post your completed challenges whenever you complete them. These is no time limit to challenge.